Unforgettable Love / Loving Never Forgetting (DVD) (Good English Subtitle, CDrama)

Other Titles : Loving, Never Forgetting

Drama Information :

Chinese Title : 恋 恋 不 忘
Genre : Romance, Drama
Casts : Jerry Yan (Meteor Garden, Down with Love, Hospital),
Tong Liya, Denny Huang Bo Jun, Feng Jing
Audio : Mandarin Audio
Subtitle : English Subtitle / Chinese Subtitle
Summary : Based on the romance novel Wu Ai Cheng Huan by Lan Bai Se, 2014 melodrama TV series Loving, Never Forgetting stars Jerry Yan and Tong Liya as the tortured couple whose love story begins from a custody battle.

Wealthy and arrogant businessman Li Zhongmou (Jerry Yan) has a one-night stand with a woman named Wu Tong and promptly forgets about it after the two part ways. Seven years later, an accident causes the two to meet again, and Zhongmou discovers that Tong has a son his son. Zhongmou initiates a custody battle, and Tong has no one in her corner other than family lawyer Xiang Jun. However, as Zhongmou spends more time with Tong and their son, he starts to warm to her, but Jun has already fallen in love with Tong...

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