The Time I Loved You (Korean) (2015) (High Quality DVD) (Perfect English Subtitle)

Other Titles : The Time That I Loved You, The Time We Were Not in Love, 7000 Days, The Time I've Loved You, The Time That I Loved You

Drama Information :

Casts : Ha Ji Won (Hwang Jin Yi, Secret Garden, King 2 Hearts, Empress Ki),
Lee Jin Wook (3 Musketeers, Nine: Nine Time Travels, I Need Romance 2012),
Yoon Kyun Sang, Choo Soo Hyun
Genre : Romance, Drama, Comedy
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : Oh Ha-na and Choi Won are both 34 years old and have been best friends since high school. For the past seventeen years they have been present for every milestone in each other's lives; but, through missed timing, a romance has never developed between them.[

Screenshots : (Actual screenshots captured from our DVD) High Quality Video

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