The Fairies of Liaozhai (DVD) (Good English Subtitle, CDrama)

Drama Information :

Chinese Title : 聊 斋 奇 女 子
Genre : Fantasy, Romance, Wuxia, Supernatural
Casts : Nicky Wu, Fann Wong, Qu Ying, Daniel Chan, Lin Chia Yu, Pan Yueming, Sun Li, Cecilia Liu
Audio : Mandarin Audio / Cantonese Audio (Selectable)
Subtitle : Good English Subtitle / Chinese Subtitle (Selectable)
Summary : Adapted from the classic Liao Tsai Collection of Chinese Ghost Stories by the master storyteller Pu Sungling, this intriguing Drama series about the greatness of Devotion is made up of four stories Depicting the Different fates of four women. Two of them, who are no longer alive, seek to reunite with their lovers in the mortal world, while the other two are determined to destroy evil out of their affection for their lovers, even if it means sacrificing their own lives.

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