Tell Me You Love Me (VCD & DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

Other Titles
: Say You Love Me

Drama Information :

Casts : Kim Rae Won (Which Star Are You From, Harvard, Attic Cat),
Yeom Jung Ah (Sad Movie, Lovely Rivals, The Big Swindle),
Yoon So Yi (Goodbye Solo, Shadowless Sword, Arahan),
Kim Sung Soo (Lawyers, Stained Glass, Full House)
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : Kim Rae Won (Rooftop Room Cat) stars in the 2004 MBC drama Say You Love Me, alongside Yeum Jung Ah (Emperor Wang Gun), Yoon So Yi (Goodbye Solo), and Kim Sung Soo (Full House, Lawyers). Unlike most Korean dramas which rely on pure love and teary melodrama, Say You Love Me explores both the innocent and dark sides of love and human nature. Byung Soo (Kim Rae Won) and Young Chae (Yoon So Yi) have been inseparable since childhood. The perfect couple in everyone's eyes, they even work at the same film company, working together to achieve their common dream. Their happiness is a thorn to film company owner Yi Na (Yeum Jung Ah), a successful businesswoman who has worked hard to achieve her current position. But the sight of Byung Soo and Young Chae reminds her of how empty her life and apathetic relationship with Hee Soo (Kimg Sung Soo) are. Yi Na decides that she must break apart Byung Soo and Young Chae.

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