Sweet Relationship (VCD & DVD) (Good English Subtitle)

Drama Information :

Chinese Title : 美 味 關 係
Casts : Vic Zhou (Silence, Mars, Meteor Garden), Patty Hou, Alan Kuo, Megan Lai
Audio : Mandarin Audio
Subtitle : Excellent English Subtitle / Chinese Subtitle
Summary : Many big names are gracing Taiwan's television screens in autumn 2007, but Sweet Relationship offers a delicious marriage of love and gourmet, and perhaps the season's most unique casting of stars. Another hit from Golden Bell-winning director Chu Yu Ning (The Rose, It Started With a Kiss), CTS drama Sweet Relationship, a.k.a. Fairy Tale Romance, is based on the manga Oshii Kankei, which was previously adapted into a Japanese series in 1996 with Nakayama Miho and Karasawa Toshiaki in the starring roles. For this highly anticipated 2007 adaptation, the leads are none other than heartthrob Vic Chou of F4 (JVKV) and popular host/news anchor Patty Hou in her acting debut. Widely lauded as one of Taiwan entertainment's most beautiful women, Hou may be a newcomer to drama, but her ample experience in hosting has lent her an eloquence with words and a natural screen presence. Also making a rare acting appearance is singer Alan Kuo, who hasn't been in a drama since 2002's Sonic Youth. All three stars underwent special training to prepare for their roles as chefs.

When it comes to food, Chang Bai Hui (Patty Hou) is an absolute connoisseur. Born into a wealthy family, she has traveled the world, tasting the best of world cuisine. Her particular taste buds can discern even the most subtle flavors and textures. After her father suddenly passes away, leaving the family in bankruptcy, bumbling Bai Hui manages to get a job at the Little Bear Restaurant. Friendly assistant chef He Ma Yang (Alan Kuo) falls for her immediately, but she is less warmly greeted by brusque head chef Fang Zi Tian (Vic Chou) who has no room in his kitchen for incompetence. A loner cooking prodigy, Zi Tian cooks amazing dishes, but he himself has never enjoyed food or indeed life - that is, until he meets Bai Hui.