Six Strange Tale of Liaozhai 2 (DVD) (Good English Subtitle, CDrama)

Other Titles : Liaozhai Zhiyi, Strange Tale of Liao Zhai

Drama Information :

Chinese Title : 聊 斋 2
Genre : Fantasy, Romance, Wuxia, Supernatural
Casts : June, Zhao Yi, Han Xue, Yan Kuan, Benny Chan, Lin Jing, Esther Liu, Eddie Peng, Chen Da Wei, Yang Xue, Eric Suen, Michelle Yip
Audio : Cantonese Audio
Subtitle : Good English Subtitle / Chinese Subtitle (Selectable)
Summary :

For the last three centuries, Pu Songling's "Strange Tales of Liaozhai" has enchanted its readers with over 400 fantastical stories concerning human beings and their relationship with ghosts, fox spirits, monsters, fairies, and immortals. This television production from 2007 captures the essence of the Chinese literary classic in six standalone chapters starring Hong Kong, Mainland, and Taiwan stars like Benny Chan, Eric Suen, Michelle Ye, Hugo Ng, Lily Chung, Leanne Liu, Han Xue, Yan Kuan, June Tsai, Esther Liu, and Eddie Peng. Employing hi-tech CG effects, the drama creates a world populated by supernatural entities that captivates minds, inspires hearts, and stimulates senses at the same time.

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