Sangdo (Business Ethics) (VCD & DVD) (Perfect English Subtitle)

Drama Information :

Casts : Lee Jae Ryong (Goodbye Solo, Immortal Lee Soon Shin, Did We Really Loved),
Lee Soon Jae (Yi San, Princess Lulu),
Kim Hyun Joo (In Soon is Pretty, Marrying a Millionaire),
Park In Hwan
Genre : Historical Drama
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : Directed by Lee Byung Hoon (Jewel in the Palace) and written by Choi Wan Kyu (Jumong), the team behind the blockbuster drama Hur Jun, Sangdo chronicles the turbulent life of a legendary merchant named Im Sang Ok. Im would later build an empire based on his ginseng business and become the wealthiest man alive during the later part of Joseon era. Based on bestselling author Choi In Ho's novel of the same title, this period epic sees Lee Jae Ryong (Goodbye Solo, The Immortal Lee Soon Shin) in the critically acclaimed lead role. Kim Hyun Ju (Glass Slipper) returns to the period genre, making it her second effort after Land (2005). Also, adding much weight to the drama is the presence of veteran actor Lee Soon Jae (Hur Jun, Unhindered Highkick) who plays an ambitious businessman. Through one man's determination to walk the path of righteousness and his firm refusal to give in to worldliness, Sangdo teaches the modern-day corporate world a thing or two about honesty and character.

Fame and fortune certainly did not come easy for Im Sang Ok (Lee Jae Ryong), a man of humble origin who began his career as a roving marketer. His life turns around when he meets a business mogul (Lee Soon Jae) whose daughter Da Nyeong (Kim Hyun Ju), a woman of beauty and intelligence with keen financial ability, catches his eyes.

This series is directed by the director of Jewel in the Palace and written by the writer who wrote Jumong.  Definitely is as good or even better than Jewel in the Palace and Jumong.