Queen's Glass Shoes (VCD & DVD) (Perfect English Subtitle)

Other Titles : Queen's

Drama Information :

Chinese Title : 至 尊 玻 璃 鞋
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Casts : Tang Zhen Gang , Amanda Zhou, Gong Ji (Hana Kimi, KO One), Joelle Lu (They Kiss Again, Outsiders, The Rose), Shatina Chen
Audio : Mandarin Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : Who says a man has to have big muscle? He will make himself more manly. His name is Tie Xiong.
Who says a woman has to be cute and soft spoken? She will do whatever she wants.  Her name is Lin Fu Nan.

Tie Xiong is in love with a girl named Ke Er, who is an anime/manga cosplay fanatic. To get closer to her, he learned handicraft, joined cosplay club, and cross-dressed as Saber. He didn't get the girl. What he got for his beautiful face and feminine-ish new hobbies was being her new best friend, a nickname of "Teddy Bear," and an unwanted rumor that he is gay. And the most depressing of all, he ended up helping her chase after school basketball player Yong Jun. That was when he realized, he had went about the wrong way for her heart. She wanted a sweaty-smelling manly man and not a little sweet teddy bear.

Just when all the setbacks made him want to give up, he found light in a manga called, "The Real Man." A chance encounter with the artist Lin Fu Nan confirmed that this manly author would be his savior.

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