Queen of Housewives (DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

Available in High Quality Widescreen

Other Titles : Queen of Wives, My Wife is a Superwoman

Drama Information :

Casts : Oh Ji Ho (Single Papa in Love, Get Karl, Fantasy Couple, A Second Proposal),
Kim Nam Joo (Steal My Heart, Voice of a Murderer),
Lee Hye Young (Dal Jas Spring, Save the Last Dance For Me, Winter Sonata),
Sun Woo Sun (Nine Tailed Fox),
Choi Chul Ho (Calla, The Quiet Family, Who's Got the Tape?),
Yoon Sang Hyun (3 Dads 1 Mom, Exhibition of Fireworks, Marrying a Millionaire)
Genre : Romance
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : Chun Ji Ae and Yang Bong Soon are high school classmates who did not have the best relationship with each other. Ji Ae was the most popular girl in school whereas Bong Soon was the girl that was always made fun of. Years later, their roles are reversed as Bong Soon's husband, Han Joon Hyuk, is very successful whereas Ji Ae's husband, Ohn Dal Soo, is just an average company worker. Things get complicated when Dal Soo starts an extra-marital affair with his boss's wife, Eun So Hyuk. How will Ji Ae react to this?

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