Princess Ja Myung (DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

Other Titles : Ja Myung Go, Royal Princess of Ja Myung Go, Story of Self Destruction

Drama Information :

Casts : Jung Kyung Ho (Time Between Dog and Wolf, Sorry I Love You, Sweet 18),
Jung Ryu Won (Which Star are you From, Kim Sam Soon, My BF is Type B),
Park Min Young (Hometown Legends 2008, I am Sam)
Genre : Historical, Period Drama, Romance
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary :  My Lovely Sam-Soon's Jeong Ryeo Won makes her costume debut in the epic SBS historical drama Princess Ja Myung. Co-starring heartthrob Jung Kyung Ho (Time Between Dog and Wolf) and rising actress Park Min Young (Unhindered High Kick), Princess Ja Myung draws from a historical folk story about the Princess of Nangnang and the Prince of Goguryeo who remained lovers despite their nations being at war with each other.

Jeong Ryeo Won plays eponymous heroine Princess Ja Myung, who is born in the Kingdom of Nangnang on the same day as her half-sister Princess Ra Hee (Park Min Young). According to a prophecy, one princess will save the kingdom, while the other will bring destruction. Branded as the princess of destruction, Ja Myung barely escapes death, and grows up humbly as a commoner. As a young woman, she eventually returns to her rightful place in the palace, but her appearance sets off a new round of power struggle in the palace. When both Ja Myung and Ra Hee fall in love with Prince Ho Dong (Jung Kyung Ho) of rival kingdom Goguryeo, it is not just love but the very fate of the nation that lies at stake.