Playful Kiss (High Quality DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

Other Titles : Mischievous Kiss, Naughty Kiss, It Started with a Kiss Korean Version

Drama Information :

Casts : Kim Hyun Joong (Boys Over Flowers),
Jung So Min (Bad Guy),
Lee Tae Sung (Time Between Dog and Wolf, 9 end 2 Outs),
Lee Si Young (Birth of a Rich Man, Loving You a Thousand Times, Hateful But Once Again, Boys Over Flowers)
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : After the success of Boys Over Flowers, Kim Hyun Joong stars in another anticipated live-action comic adaptation in 2010, the MBC drama Playful Kiss (a.k.a. Mischievous Kiss). Tada Kaoru's popular manga Itazura na Kiss has previously been adapted for television in Japan and Taiwan (It Started with a Kiss). This new remake from the director of Palace offers a cute and fresh take on the mishap-filled romance between a clumsy, love-struck schoolgirl and an arrogant, apathetic perfectionist. Adorable, up-and-coming actress Jung So Min from Bad Guy stars as the heroine opposite Kim Hyun Joong, while Lee Tae Sung (Terroir) plays the goofy admirer. In addition to its television run, Playful Kiss introduced a new precedent for Korean dramas by continuing the series on YouTube after the TV finale.

Bumbling high school student Ha Ni (Jung So Min) is head over heels in love with her school's top student, cold and handsome genius Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong). She gathers up the courage to confess her love through a letter, but he not only flatly rejects her, he embarrasses her in front of the whole school: he doesn't like dumb girls. As if that wasn't enough, an earthquake levels Ha Ni's house, leaving her homeless. She and her family end up moving in with her father's friend - who is none other than Seung Jo's father! All kinds of romantic sparks and misadventures await now that Ha Ni is living under the same roof as Seung Jo!

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