My Lucky Star (VCD & DVD) (Perfect English Subtitle)

Drama Information :

Chinese Title : 放 羊 的 星 星
Casts : Jimmy Lin (Amazing Twins, Tian Long Ba Bu),
Yoo Ha Na,
Hong Xiao Ling,
Leon Jay Williams (Green Forest, Smiling Pasta, Le Robe),
Lee Wei
Audio : Mandarin Audio
Subtitle : Excellent English Subtitle / Chinese Subtitle
Summary : In his 15-year career, Taiwanese heartthrob Jimmy Lin has treated his fans to wonderful songs and engaging dramas like The Legendary Siblings. Participating in a contemporary drama for the first time, he collaborates with other handsome idols like Li Wei (Toast Boy's Kiss) and Leon Jay Williams (Green Forest, My Home), plus Korean actress Yoo Ha Na and Taiwanese model-turned-actress Jennifer Hung.

Jimmy Lin is Tian Qi, the rebellious second son of a prosperous jewelry group chairman. Tian Qi wants to ruin his elder brother's (Leon Williams) wedding because his future sister-in-law (Jennifer Hung) is actually his ex-girlfriend who dumped him for his brother. He runs off with the family's most precious diamond which is supposed to be auctioned at the wedding banquet. While escaping, Tian Qi runs into a girl named Star (Yoo Ha Na) who has just been released from prison because of a swindling case years ago. The two get handcuffed to each other in a mishap, and end up forming a reluctant alliance and running away together. Along the way, empathy replaces rivalry as they find out that both have been betrayed by their lovers...