Ip Man (DVD) (Good English Subtitle, CDrama)

Other Titles : Ye Wen

Drama Information :

Chinese Title : 葉 問
Genre : Period, Martial Arts, Romance, Action, Drama
Casts : Kevin Cheng, Han Xue, Yuan Wah, Chrissie Chau, Liu Xiaofeng, Jiang Kai
Audio : Mandarin Audio / Cantonese Audio (Selectable)
Subtitle : Good English Subtitle / Chinese Subtitle (Selectable)
Summary : The Wing Chun grandmaster IP MAN (Kevin Cheng) who was born in the period of abysmal misery, spends all his life in pursuit of the authentic martial arts realm.

Gaining enlightenment from his experience of growing up, IP MAN has undergone a transformation, and eventually becomes a Kung Fu legend, ascending to the highest ranking of martial arts. Ranging from Fo Shan, Guangzhou to Hong Kong, he meets some of the most influential people in his life, including revolutionary Fu Jing Wan (Jiang Kai), his first mentor - Yu Fung Kau (Yu Rong Guang),and his Wing Chun Mentor - Chan Wah Shun (Yuen Wah). Having gone through chains of competitions and suffered a number of injuries,those splashes are not only IP MAN's blood but also his childhood sweetheart and bride-to-be Cheung Wing Shing (Han Xue) tears.

IP MAN's narrow minded Kung Fu brother Lam Ching Shan (Liu Xiaofeng), who is also deeply in love with Wing Shing, always makes trouble for IP MAN, and even frames him up as a murderer...

After fleeing to Hong Kong, IP MAN encounters his third mentor Leung Pik (Leung Siu Lung), learning a variety of Wing Chun techniques, which greatly elevates his skills. During his stay at Hong Kong, IP MAN deliberately keeps a low-profile, in spite of which, he is inevitably engaged in conflicts that erupt at the pier. Fortunately, he gets help from his good friend Zi (Song Yang) and Jenny (Chrissie Chau) a beauty at the pier.

Although IP MAN is in a life-and-death struggle everyday, the hardship enormously brings out the awe-inspiring righteousness and fearlessness as a martial artist hidden inside him. In order to inflict one last strike in the ring, IP MAN is heading back to Fo Shan...

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