Immortal Masterpiece (2012) High Quality DVD (Good English Subtitle)

Other Titles : Immortal Classic

Drama Information :

Casts : Park Sun Young (Crime Squad, 18 vs. 29),
Han Jae Suk (Women of the Sun, Glass Shoes, All About Eve),
Go Doo Shim, Im Ye Jin
Genre : Drama
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Good English Subtitle
Summary :

Dubbed Korea's first kimchi-themed drama, the 2011 Channel A series Immortal Masterpiece (a.k.a. Immortal Classic) revolves around two families and the ultimate kimchi recipe. One family comes from a long line of master kimchi chefs who uphold the tradition and art of kimchi making with a secret recipe passed from generation to generation. The other family runs a small restaurant that's gaining attention for its extraordinary kimchi. The competition is on to determine whose kimchi is the best, but the two families' recipes turn out to be connected somehow. Park Sun Young (Can't Live Without You) and Han Jae Suk (Oohlala Spouses), as well as Go Doo Shim, Im Ye Jin, Choi Jong Hwan and Honey Lee, star in this deliciously intriguing drama set in the world of Korea's national dish.

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