Hur Jun (The Legendary Doctor) (VCD & DVD) (Perfect English Subtitle)

Other Titles : The Legendary Doctor - Hur Jun, Huh Joon, Medical Rule

Drama Information :

Casts : Chung Kwang Ryul (Jumong, Kiss Me Mucyh),
Cho Kyung Hwan (Yi San, Jewel in the Palace),
Lee Soon Jae (Yi San, Vineyard Man)
Genre : Historical KDrama
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : From Damo and Dae Jang Geum to Hwang Jin Yi and Jumong, period dramas have delivered some of Korean television's biggest stories and highest ratings in the last few years, and this trend all began in 1999 with MBC's Hur Jun (a.k.a. The Legendary Doctor - Hur Jun). Created by veteran producer Lee Byung Hoon and screenwriter Choi Wan Gyu, who would go on to write Jumong, Hur Jun can be credited with essentially revitalizing the historical drama genre. Chronicling the life of legendary Joseon physician Hur Jun, the series pioneered a new sub-genre of period dramas by telling a traditional story with modern tricks. The drama brought in over 60% viewership ratings in Korea, one of the top three of all time.

The illegitimate son of a magistrate, Hur Jun (Chun Kwang Ryul) endures much grief and discrimination while growing up due to his lower caste. As a reckless youth, he gets pulled into a smuggling ring and is forced to flee his hometown. He ends up settling in Gyeongsang, where he begins to study medicine and mature as a man. Naturally gifted in medicine and determined to help society's most unfortunate, Hur Jun slowly builds a reputation for his medical prowess, embarking on a long and trial-ridden journey that will eventually take him to the palace.

Customer Reviews :
"This is the best korean period drama I have watched, in my opinion, this drama is even better than Jewel of the Palace. I can't believe this is a year 2000 production with such quality. No wonder this drama enjoyed such a high rating in Korea, it really touches my hear & soul. The lead actor Jeon Kwang Ryul will move you with his superd acting & after watching this, I just go crazy looking for his other dramas as I can't get enough of him."