Hometown Legends 2008 (VCD & DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

Other Titles : Hometown of Legend, Korean Ghost Stories

Drama Information :

Casts : Jae Hee (3 Dads 1 Mom, Witch Amusement, My Girl, Sassy Girl Chung Hyang),
Choi Soo Jong (Emperor of the Sea, Dae Jo Young),
Lee Jung (Unstoppable Marriage, Tell Me You Love Me),
Park Min Young (I am Sam),
Ahn Jae Mo (The King & I, Legend of Seven Cutter, My Wife is a Gangster),
Lee Jin (The King & I)
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : Perfect for the upcoming Halloween. Hometown Legends includes a star-studded casts which includes Jae Hee (3 dads 1 mom, witch amusement, sassy girl chung hyang), Lee Jin and Choi Soo Jong.

Korean Ghost Storiesí is the typical Korean horror program that still resides in our memories. We all remember the time when we were waiting for the programís dismal music to begin. This program contains the traditional myths and old folk tales of neighborhood that our grandparents used to tell us. Different from the past, our children are living in a complex world. Nowadays, youngsters enjoy multicultural contents in real time, through internet and mass media. We are living in a culture war that various nationsí cultural products attack viewers through diverse forms, such as novel, movie, drama, etc. This situation is same for summer horror programs. In this hot summer, there are three big reasons why ĎKorean Ghost Storiesí should come back. First of all, the program features Korean traditional ghost tales, which had been a mainstay of summer. Second, our children should watch our own traditional contents, instead of the horror stories from unknown origins. Finally, itís the return of Korean summer contents with humor, satire, moral lesson, and admirable stories. Keeping the original versionís ancient backdrop, ĎKorean Ghost Storiesí presents a total of eight different episodes with modern plots and original themes.

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