H.I.T. (Homicide Investigation Team) (VCD & DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

Drama Information :

Casts : Ko Hyun Jung (What's Up Fox, Spring Day, Sandglass),
Ha Jung Woo (Lovers in Prague, She's on Duty, Madeleine),
Kim Jung Min,
Yoon Ji Min (Korea Secret Agency)
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : This drama has a very good storyline line and acting was really superb, it is really worth watching.

MBC's new drama H.I.T has attracted a lot of attention from the get go with its stellar credentials. This tight crime drama stars popular actress Ko Hyun Jung (Sandglass and What's Up, Fox?) as a homicide detective, presenting a strong female protagonist different from the usual K-drama heroine. Ha Jung Woo, familiar for his performances in films like Kim Ki Duk's Time and Breath, takes his first leading television role here. The series is produced by Yoo Chul Yong (Sad Love Song, All In) and written by Kim Young Hyun of Jewel in the Palace and Seo Dong Yo fame. H.I.T, which stands for Homicide Investigation Team, integrates C.S.I. elements like crime scene analysis with action, suspense, and romance. The cast also includes singer Kim Jung Min and rising actress Yoon Ji Min (Korean Secret Agency).

Tough, sharp-shooting, and just a bit unkempt, Che Su Jin (Ko Hyun Jung) is the first female detective to head the homicide investigation team. Her work is her life, and she is most comfortable when she is with her team. Because of her determination and work ethic, she immediately clashes with newly appointed D.A. Kim Jaek Won (Ha Jung Woo), a laid-back playboy whose greatest priority is to enjoy life. Despite their differences, the two make a surprisingly formidable crime-fighting duo, and slowly realize that they have a lot to learn from each other. Su Jin has never let go of her boyfriend, who was killed by a serial murderer years ago, but Jaek Won just might be the guy who can help her move on.

A love story.
A story of men and women who have different values in their profession, who each go through their personal conflicts and doubts, but in the end, come to understand each other.

A drama about professionals.
Previously, Korean TV series only used the characters' occupations as a mere backdrop and hardly ever dealt with the joys and sorrows of the profession.
This series portrays prosecutors and police officers through the conflicts of values and their daily lives.

A story of a team.
In modern society, everything happens in units of teams, families being the only exception.
With many families breaking up in this day and age, teams are becoming your family outside the family.
Viewers will be able to relate to the conflicts and interests among the team members and experience a catharsis from the trust and friendship that overcomes those conflicts.
This is a success story of team members who overcome their differences and unite as one.

A series that challenges the stereotype.
It breaks the stereotype that prosecutors are rigid and always play by the book, and only men can be homicide detectives. This series is based on a real-life prosecutor representing his new generation and the first female chief of homicide. It will deliver their challenging spirit to the viewers and satisfy their needs for something new as well as entertain through the portrayal of a life of a woman in a men's world.

A constant roller-coaster ride.
On top of the romantic love affair and strong loyalty among the team members, its crime busting action will relieve the stress of viewers who are exposed to the constant danger of crimes in modern society.
The carefully detailed scenes will be spectacular and entertaining...

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