Hi, My Sweetheart (DVD) (Good English Subtitle, TWDrama)

Other Titles
: Play Boy and Sweetheart, Shanghai Sweetheart

Drama Information :

Chinese Title : 海 派 甜 心
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Casts : Rainie Yang (Meteor Garden 1, Meteor Garden 2, Devil Beside You, Why Why Love),
Show Lo (Corner with Love, Hotshot),
Lee Wei (Bull Fighting, My Lucky Star),
Maggie Wu (Legend of Star Apple)
Audio : Mandarin Audio
Subtitle : Good English Subtitle
Summary : Taiwan's top idols Rainie Yang and Show Luo go lovey-dovey in the romantic comedy series Hi My Sweetheart! Produced by the "Godmother of Idol Dramas" Chai Zhi Ping and directed by Lin He Long (Hot Shot), the Taiwan-Mainland China co-production features Show and Rainie as lovers on-screen as well as the performers of the various theme songs in their first collaboration in idol drama. The popular pair is flanked by Taiwanese co-stars Lee Wei, Maggie Wu, Chocolate Lai, and Mainland pop duo Blue Bird Flying Fish.

Son of a Taiwan entrepreneur, Xue Hai (Show Luo) was brought up by his over-protective sisters and is pure and innocent to the point of foolish. Yearning for independence, he enrolls in a university in Hangzhou under the disguise of nerdy poor boy Lin Dalang (inspired by the famous theme tune of The Pink Panther). Hai has his first taste of love with the overbearing and violence-prone classmate, "Sweetheart" Chen Baozhu (Rainie Yang), but it ends prematurely when Baozhu disappears without a trace one day. Deeply hurt after being dumped, the brokenhearted Hai turns 180-degree into an arrogant and frivolous playboy...