Heading to the Ground (High Quality DVD) (Good English Subtitle)

Other Titles : No Limit

Drama Information :

Casts : Jung Yun Ho (Poseidon), Go Ah Ra (Who Are You, Snow Flower), Lee Sang Yoon (Duo, Life is Beautiful, Jejungwon, Scale of Providence), Lee Yoon Ji (Dream High, Hello My Teacher)
Genre : Romance
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Good English Subtitle
Summary : Dong Bang Shin Ki's Yun Ho makes his highly anticipated television drama debut in the MBC mini-series Heading to the Ground (a.k.a. No Limit)! Directed by Ruler of Your Own World director Park Sung Soo, the sports drama stars Yun Ho as an energetic youth who perseveres against the odds to chase his dream of becoming a top soccer player. Starlet Go Ara (Who Are You?) forms a cute bickering couple with Yun Ho, while Lee Sang Yoon (The Scale of Providence) plays the bad guy. Yun Ho's teammates also include handsome rising stars like Choi Min Sung (Pasta), Ricky Lee (My Darling FBI), Kim Jae Seung (Brilliant Legacy), Hong Jong Hyun (A Frozen Flower), making Heading to the Ground a great spectator drama for both the sports and the eye candy.

Soccer player Bong Gun (Yun Ho) has a mean kick and great passion for the game, but he's still far from his goal of making the national team. Rookie sports agent Hae Bin (Go Ara) is trying hard to step out of the shadow of her rich father, who owns a soccer team. Two young people with much to prove, Bong Gun and Hae Bin meet, fight, and fall in love during their journey of trials and triumphs in the competitive world of professional soccer.