Happiness in the Wind (2010) (DVD) (Perfect English Subtitle)

Other Titles : A Good Day for the Wind to Blow, Good Days When the Wind Blows, Windy But Pleasant Day

Drama Information :

Casts :

Kim So Eun, Jin Yi Han, Lee Hyun Jin, Seo Hyo Rin, Jung Seung Ho

Genre : Romance, Family
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : Leading the cast is Kwon Oh-bok (Kim So-eun - in her first ever leading role in a drama series), a talented 19-year-old girl who aspires to be a recognized illustrator and allows herself very little in terms of being swayed by any trials or tribulations. Wanting to find her father who abandoned her when Oh-bok's mother had died 10 years earlier, she heads to Seoul where she earns a living selling her handmade merchandise out of a street-side stall. Very soon, she clashes with Jang Dae-han (Jin Yi-han), an irascible man who also happens to be the head designer for one of South Korea's largest dairy product companies; incidentally it is also here where Oh-bok later succeeds in gaining employment as an illustrator. Their chance meeting initiates an "ongoing battle" which eventually unfolds into a somewhat love triangle between them and her old hometown oppa, Ki-chul (Kang Eun-tak).

As the drama continues, Oh-bok gets to know Dae-han's younger brother, Jang Min-guk (Lee Hyun-jin), a drifter, upon saving his life when she thought he was trying to commit suicide. And just as Dae-han opens up his feelings to Oh-bok, his first love and the mother of his son, Choi Mi-ran (Lee Sung-min), the only daughter to a rival food company who had moved to the States for an arranged marriage, returns to Korea as a divorcee to reconnect with her life with him and their son. But it is already too late as Dae-han and their son already have Oh-bok in their hearts...

Screenshots : (Actual screenshots captured from the DVD)  Capture from KBS Channel