Golden Time (High Quality DVD) (Good English Subtitle)

Drama Information :

Casts : Lee Sun Gyun, Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Sung Min, Song Sun Mi
Genre : Medical, Romance, Comedy
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Good English Subtitle
Summary : In emergency medicine, "golden time" refers to the crucial one-hour period right after a patient suffers a traumatic injury, during which timely medical treatment could determine life or death. Starring Lee Seon Gyun, Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Sung Min and Song Seon Mi, the acclaimed 2012 MBC medical series Golden Time brings audiences into the hospital emergency room and the experiences of the doctors whose split-second decisions save lives.

After spending two years teaching in the country, Lee Min Woo (Lee Seon Gyun) returns to a city hospital to complete his residency and face his own uncertainties about being a doctor. First-year resident Kang Jae In (Hwang Jung Eum) comes from a rich family that owns hospitals, but she just simply wants to be a doctor who can support herself and help others. Both Min Woo and Jae In work in ER under the guidance of Choi In Hyuk (Lee Sung Min), a famously astute workaholic surgeon who puts his patients before himself.

This drama has received several recognitions and awards:

2012 MBC Drama Awards: Actor of the Year (selected by PD's of three main broadcasters) (Lee Sung Min)
2012 Grime Awards: Best Actor Award (Lee Sung Min)
2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards: Male Acting Award (Lee Sung Min)
2012 5th Korea Drama Awards: Excellence Actress Award (Song Sun Mi)

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