Father, I'll Take Care of You (Korean) (2017) (High Quality DVD) (Perfect English Subtitle)

Drama Information :

Casts :

Kim Jae Won (Wonderful Life, My Love Patzzi, Great Inheritance),
Park Eun Bin, Lee Tae Hwan, Lee Soo Kyung

Genre :

Romance, Family, Drama

Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary :

A retired couple had married off two of their three sons, while the third lived abroad. Due to unforseen circumstances, their two sons return with their families. The third, and youngest, returns after two years in China. This results with not only immediate family entering the home, but also extended. This disrupts the life the retired couple expected to have during their retirement. Meanwhile, a mysterious young man appears with a hidden agenda. They’ll all learn how precious their parents are and will have renewed respect for their siblings.

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