Down with Love (DVD) (Good English Subtitle, TWDrama)

Other Titles
: Just Want to Depend on You, Stick With You

Drama Information :

Chinese Title : 就 想 賴 著 妳
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Casts : Jerry Yan (Meteor Garden, Hospital, Love Scar, Meteor Rain),
Ella Chen (Reaching for the Stars, The Rose, Hana Kimi),
Kelly Huang,
Michael Zhang (A Game about Love, Hot Shot),
Chen Zi Han (Return of the Condor Heroes)
Audio : Mandarin Audio
Subtitle : Good English Subtitle
Summary : F4's Jerry Yan and S.H.E.'s Ella are Down with Love in this highly anticipated CTV romantic drama. Pairing up for the first time, the two top idols form a classic case of opposites attract, with Jerry playing the handsome misunderstood hotshot and Ella, the cute ugly duckling with a heart of gold. Add in two mischievous kids and an elaborate lie, and both romance and comedy are in the air for this odd couple! Michael Chang (The Outsiders), Chen Zihan (The Myth), and Kelly Huang also co-star in the drama.

Cold and self-centered lawyer Yu Ping (Jerry Yang) is the man to call for divorce and inheritance disputes, but he's running out of ideas himself when it comes to his troublemaking niece and nephew, who were left in his care after his brother's death. All the nannies Yu Ping hired thus far either couldn't deal with the kids' antics, or worse, fell in love with him. In desperate need of money, Yu Ping's secretary Duo (Kelly Huang) puts up her own tomboyish sister, Guo (Ella), for the job, and seals the deal by telling her boss that Guo doesn't like men. Thanks to Duo's lie and a bad first encounter, Yu Ping is reassured that Guo indeed won't fall in love with him. But as time passes, it is Yu Ping who finds himself falling for Guo's plain beauty and kind heart!