Dong Yi (DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

Other Titles : Dawn

Drama Information :

Casts : Han Hyo Joo (Shining Inheritance, Iljimae, Spring Waltz),
Ji Jin Hee (Man Who Can't Marry, Stars Lovers, Miss Kim's Million Dollar Quest, Love Letter),
Bae Soo Bin (Temptation of an Angel, Shining Inheritance),
Lee So Yeon (Temptation of an Angel, Spring Waltz, Super Rookie),
Park Ha Sun (That Fool, Rivals, Capital Scandal)
Genre : Historical, Period Drama
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary :
Brilliant Legacy heroine Han Hyo Ju takes the leading role in MBC's 2010 grand historical epic Dong Yi, a biopic about Lady Choi, a concubine of Joseon King Sukjong. The 50-episode drama follows the tumultuous life of Dong Yi, a lowly orphaned commoner who enters the palace as a servant. She becomes the trusted confidante of Queen Inhyeon and captures the heart of King Sukjong, who later takes her as his concubine.

After her breakout role in Brilliant Legacy, Han Hyo Ju shines even brighter in the complex role of Dong Yi, exuding both gentle beauty and strong determination as her character strives to rise above the dangerous infighting of the court and protect her son from enemies. Popular actor Ji Jin Hee plays King Sukjong, while Han's Brilliant Legacy co-star Bae Soo Bin is again her devoted protector. Lee So Yeon (Spring Waltz) takes on another antagonistic role after Temptation of an Angel, playing Dong Yi's plotting nemesis Queen Jang Hee Bin. Dong Yi is co-directed by Lee Byung Hoon, who has been responsible for some of the biggest period hits of the last decade including Dae Jang Geum, Hur Joon, and Yi San.

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