Did We Really Loved Volume 1 (Korean Drama, English Subtitled)
Did We Really Loved Volume 2 (Korean Drama, English Subtitled)
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No. of Discs : Volume 1 is 24 VCDs + 1 OST, Volume 2 is 20 VCDs
Casts : Bae Yong Joon, Hye Soo Kim, Yoon Son Ha
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : English Subtitle
Summary : Which would you choose, “Love” or “Money?” Korea superstar Bae Yong-Joon handles this dilemma in the hit TV drama series Did We Really Love, aka: True to Love.

Love, although such a common emotion for everyone, is something we struggle to find in our daily lives. The characters in Did We Really Love perfectly portray this struggle to identify, define, and maintain their love through life’s tough choices and consequences.

"Identifying Love" - Jae-Ho, a complicated character with a strong drive to succeed, gets involved in a love triangle. Virtually orphaned at nine, Jae-Ho gives up on love, and instead seeks material success by pursuing a woman who will serve as a jumping board to high society. However, he is attracted to another woman who could show him the true meaning of life. Will he choose true love? Or worldly and material success?

"Defining Love" - Suk-Koo, a self proclaimed Casanova, struggles between friendship and love. He is also plagued by many insecurities, especially since he is Jae-Ho’s childhood friend. Suk-Koo falls in love with Jae-Ho’s little sister (Jae-Young) and they secretly hide their relationship. Jae-Ho, a caring brother who only wants to best for his sister, forbids Suk-Koo from pursuing his little sister. Suk-Koo is faced with a tough decision between longtime loyalty and true love.

"Maintaining Love" - Byung-Kuk and Hae-Ja live a boring life and somewhere during their 30 years of marriage, they forget to appreciate one another. Byung-Kuk strays from his wife and connects with a woman whom he thinks understands his situation. With emotions running high, Hae-Ja discovers Byung-Kuk’s infidelity with her former classmate. With so many obstacles to gain each other’s trust, Hae-Ja and Byung-Kuk must decide if they want to live the rest of their lives together.

Customer Reviews :
"I'm not saying this because I'm a BYJ fan but watch this as I think this was one of his best act n this was done way before he get 'this' popular. he's as 'real' as he can be without all the nice outfits n makeup.

"I'm just surprised that this drama has received as much attention as the other Bae Yong Jun's dramas. This is one of the very best. It's rich and very captivating. It's also very heart rending. What more could one ask for?"

"The story requires audience who are supposed to have the deep thinking mind to understand. If you realize the real world, you will realize the story as the story is quite realistic. The music in this drama is excellent as well. I suggest all people who really understand love, or want to know more about the real world either, to watch thi drama. The things happened in the story could happen in Hong Kong or other cities too. It's touching indeed. Money ad love...always difficult to balance...let's enjoy the drama"

Sample Screenshots :

As usual, our customers got to enjoy it in a much better video and sound quality and also the English subtitle is shown in our traditional font style and size, so it is very visible and comfortable to the eyes of the viewer.