Count of Myeongdong (DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

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Other Titles : Count of Myungdong

Drama Information :

Casts : Jung Bo Suk (Bittersweet Life, Dae Jo Young, Shin Don),
Park Chul Ho (Iron Empress, Seoul 1945),
Lee Jin Woo (Iron Empress, Shin Don),
Kim Sung Ryung (You're Beautiful, Soul, Princess Ja Myung, Iljimae),
Cha Kwang Soo (Jumong)
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : Written by Jung Ha-Yeon (Shin Don, La Dolce Vita, The Last Empress, Wife, King & The Queen)

The tears, the blood and ruins of the war left a big weight on Koreans’ shoulders, one which was reflected on the many difficulties the country went through during those years. Yet, it was one of the most prolific artistic periods the country ever went through, especially in its cultural center Myeongdong, Seoul. All the trends started there, from that parade of feebly lit streets, the fog-like cigarette smoke and the sound of that decade enveloping the whole district. “The Count of Myeongdong” is not your average drama with a normal story, a beginning and a conclusion, a few characters dominating it. It’s more of a docu-drama, a love letter to the Myeongdong that shone between 1953 and 1960. All the coffee shops, the theaters, the publishing companies and even television stations, and all the stars making Myeongdong great. Poets, novelists, musicians, journalists, and their romantic, tragic and crazy lives.

Dong-Su, once a member of organized gang, becomes a right-minded person. One day he has a car accident and gets to know Seo Kwang-Tae, a president of some company. After that day Dong-Su lives with Kwang-Tae in the same house, and he decides not to commit crime and live a righteous way. Kwang-Tae, impressed by Dong-Su’s sincere attitude tries to marry his daughter to him and wants him to run his company. But Dong-Su has already his lover Nan-Ju. One day Nan-Ju is raped by Wu-Shik, a boyfriend of Mi-Ra, a president’s daughter. Dong-Su is desperate to kill Wu-Shik, but accepting Kwang-Tae’s pleading request, he leaves wishing them happiness.

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