Corner with Love (VCD & DVD) (Good English Subtitle)

Drama Information :

Chinese Title : 轉 角 * 遇 到 愛
Casts : Barbie Hsu (Meteor Garden 1 & 2, Eternity A Chinese Ghost Story, Mars),
Alan Luo (Hi! Working Girl, The Outsiders II),
Lu Jia Xin (Tokyo Juliet),
Dean Fujioka,
Fang Fang,
Harlem Yu
Audio : Mandarin Audio
Subtitle : Good English Subtitle
Summary : Barbie Hsu from Meteor Garden and Taiwanese singer Show Luo (The Outsiders II) can be seen in Taiwan's promising new TV drama Corner With Love, regarded as the Chinese version of the hugely popular Korean title Full House. Affectionately called Big S and Little Pig by their fans, the two stars have no trouble passing as a couple in this highly anticipated romance series. Barbie Hsu stars as Xinlei, a rich Shanghai girl who has taken for granted all her fortune and happiness. Cook and amateur painter Chin Lang (Show Luo) is less lucky. He flies from Taipei to Shanghai for a publication project, but is left penniless in this foreign city. The two cross path in metropolitan Shanghai, and with the help of Xinlei, Chin Lang finally returns to Taipei. He expects never to see her again. But as fate would have it, she shows up at his door all of a sudden - and as if that is not surprising enough - to claim the ownership of his apartment!

Customer Reviews :
"I love this drama! It's really funny and comedic, but it also has his very touching moment, specially in the later episodes. I love Show's character the most! Although Barbie's character in the beginning was really snobbish and irritating, but I can't blame her since she plays a rich spoiled brat in this drama, but her character improves later on. The story is very sweet, although some of the scenes were exaggerated, but it's still fun to watch. And I think Show and Barbie have great chemistry! I actually think Barbie matches with Show a lot more than Vic Chou!  Overall, it's a great series, highly recommended! No wonder it's so popular in Taiwan!"

"This cute drama started out as a light-hearted comedy, but as the story progressed, the series grew deeper and deeper. Some series are too comedic, it makes the whole series seem silly...while some series are too deep, it's depressing to watch. But this series on the other hand has a great balance of comedy and depth; it's not too funny and not too deep.  Adding the great performances from the casts and the brilliant chemistry between Show and Barbie, there you have a truly 'great series!' And I have to say, it is truly the BEST I've seen so far!"