Change (VCD & DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

Drama Information :

Casts : Kimura Takuya (Grand Family, Engine, Pride, Good Luck, Long Vacation), Fukatsu Eri (Narita Rikon),
Terao Akira,
Kato Rosa,
Abe Hiroshi (Trick, My Little Chef, Dragon Zakura, Wedding Planner, Antique, Hero)
Audio : Japanese Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : The latest drama of Kimura Takuya for the year 2008.

Keita Asakura, an elementary school teacher who has no interest in politics, suddenly gets taken to the position of the prime minister. He was forced to campaign in the Fukuoka Prefecture for a seat in the House of Representatives when his father, representative of Fukuoka for the Seiyu Party, and his elder brother, his father's political successor, both passed away in an aircraft accident en route from Vietnam.

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