Can You Hear My Heart (2011) High Quality DVD (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

Other Titles : Do You Hear My Heart

Drama Information :

Casts : Kim Jae Won (Great Inheritance, Wonderful Life, Romance),
Hwang Jung Eun (Giant, East of Eden, Last Scandal),
Nam Goong Min (Birth of a Rich Man, One Fine Day)
Genre : Drama, Romance
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : Kim Jae Won makes his post-army comeback in the heartrending MBC melodrama Can You Hear My Heart. The popular actor plays Cha Dong Joo, a hearing-impaired chaebol heir who must hide his condition from the world as part of his mother's revenge plan against his stepfather. Nam Gung Min (One Fine Day) is the adopted brother whose true identity unravels a tragic tangle of lies, love, and betrayal, while Hwang Jung Eum (High Kick Through The Roof) is Dong Joo's plucky childhood sweetheart. Can You Hear My Heart also co-stars Lee Kyu Han (My Lovely Sam-Soon), child actress Kim Sae Ron (Man From Nowhere), Lee Hye Young (Boys Before Flowers), and award-winning actors Jung Bo Suk (Giant) and Yeon Yeo Jeong (The Housemaid).

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