Cain and Abel (Complete) (VCD & DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

Other Titles : Dr. Stop

Drama Information :

Casts : So Ji Sup (Bali, Sorry I Love You, Glass Slippers, Thousand Years of Love),
Han Ji Min (Yi San, Great Inheritance, Capital Scandal, Resurrection),
Shin Hyun Joon (Stairway to Heaven, Worst Man of My Life),
Chae Jung Ahn (Coffee Prince, Emperor of the Sea)
Genre : Romance, Action
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : So Ji Sub is back with a major drama that will sure captivate your heart.

The drama portrays the tragic story of two brothers' rivalry. They were adopted and separated in childhood and grew up in different environments. The older brother, Shin Hyun Joon, is a powerful, warm and humane detective Yoo Hyun who has lived his life to search for his younger brother who was adopted abroad. While the younger brother, So Ji Sub, is the killer named Jin who was raised by the Mafia in the U.S. Yet, both brother fall in love with the same girl, Chae Jung Ahn, who is torn between the two.

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