Big Shot (VCD & DVD) (Good English Subtitle)

Other Titles : Da Ren Wu

Drama Information :

Chinese Title : 大 人 物
Casts : Nicholas Tse (Wing Chun, Proud Twins, Dragon Tiger Gate, Promise),
Angelica Lee (The Eye, Princess D),
Yan Kuan, Liu Tao
Audio : Mandarin Audio
Subtitle : Good English Subtitle
Summary : Period swordplay drama Big Shot, adapted from a renowned Gu Long novel, teams up singer/actor Nicholas Tse, acclaimed actress Angelica Lee (Re-cycle), and Mainland rising star Yan Kuan. In her first costume role, Angelica Lee shows a beauty and charm different from that of her many acclaimed contemporary movies. Nicholas Tse, who demonstrated his potential in the swordplay drama Proud Twins, again portrays a charismatic swordsman. Handsome Yan Kuan plays an up-and-coming hero, no less impressive than the rest of the main cast, in this dynamic drama.

Young girl Tien Sisi (Angelica Lee), born with a silver spoon, always wants to meet Qin, whom she has heard to be a great hero. When she sets out on her journey, she meets the handsome but sometimes melancholic swordsman Yang Fan (Nicholas Tse). They share happy and sad moments together, and together they embark on adventures in a milieu where danger can appear at any time...

This is another must-see for swordplay fans.  Touching story with lots of action.