A Second Proposal VCD
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No. of Discs : 22 VCDs + OST
Casts : Kim Young Hoo, Oh Yeon Soo (Snowman), Huh Young Ran, Oh Ji Ho
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : English Subtitle (Good & Gramatically Correct)
Summary : Find out why this drama is so successful in Korea.

Unlike the usual "trendy dramas" that dot the Korean Drama landscape, A Second Proposal does the unthinkable: it talks about real life, and does so in a touching and comic way. Oh Yeon Soo (of the drama Snowman) stars as Mi Young, a full-time housewife with two children and a husband, Min Suk (Kim Young Ho of Blue and Spin Kick). Mi Young is happy and content, but also bored and unfulfilled. But one day she sees Min Suk with another woman, Hyun Jung (Ho Young Ran), a cable TV hostess of shopping programs. And so begins the trial of an ordinary woman thrust into a common, yet trying and ultimately defining circumstance.
Korean Television Drama juggernaut KBS created A Second Proposal with the hopes of creating a drama that appeals to the ordinary person. Everyday matters make up this drama's plot, and Mi Young's journey is meant to be inspirational, and a tribute to the common man or woman.

Customer Reviews :
"With all the Korean dramas banking on the popularity of younger stars, this drama sets it all apart. At first, I thought the drama was not worth watching since I felt that it was different from all the Korean dramas i've watched since it is for a more matured audience but suddenly i found myself enjoying every single episode of it since it represented a simple story of a housewife in a different manner, and as real as it gets! I had my time laughing over the first part of the episodes and then on the latter part it makes my heart break. This time I saw a drama that reveals the real side of family life presented in a light but substantial manner.  I was not even aware that this drama was so popular in Korea until I read it on the internet. The performance of the actors of this drama made me watch this more (eventhough I only know Oh Yeon-soo and Oh Ji-ho, as I have seen them in their previous projects) because they gave justice to each of their characters by giving their heart and soul for it. I hope that Korean drama fans will have the time to check out this drama since it is done in good taste and it is really worth watching"

I've been anticipating the release of this drama after I watched it on TV series. What I like about this drama is that it is so close to reality. I mean, situation like this happen. I like how this story is sometimes comical and sometimes so full of drama that just breaks your heart. I love the story that I wanted to own one so I can watch it over and over again. Also, I would say the soundtrack is just so amazing that it really brought out the best of the story. I say, Don't miss this..."

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