A Man Called God (DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

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Other Titles : Man Called God

Drama Information :

Casts : Song Il Gook (Jumong, Lobbyist, Kingdom of the Winds, Emperor of the Sea),
Han Chae Young (Delightful Girl Chung Hyang, Only You),
Kim Min Jong (Return of Iljimae, Hyena, Sweet Spy),
Han Go Eun (Rivals, Capital Scandal, Laywers, Bodyguard),
Chu Ja Hyeong (Oh Pil Seung, Bright Girl)
Genre : Romance
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : Jumong's Song Il Gook plays a secret agent out for revenge in the comic-based MBC drama A Man Called God. Returning to Korea from America to avenge his father's death, Choi Kang Ta ends up getting betrayed by his partner Vivian (Han Go Eun, Capital Scandal) and jealous Korean intelligence agent Hwang Woo Hyun (Kim Min Jong). Han Chae Young co-stars as an intrepid reporter who steals both Kang Ta and Woo Hyun's hearts.

If you are a Song Il Gook fan, you should definitely watch this one.  With a big budgeted drama like this, where filming took place at Hawaii and Korea, you shouldn't miss this one.  It's all worth it because this drama has very good storyline and a heart touching soundtrack that will surely melt any viewer's heart.

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