You're Beautiful (Director's Cut)  (DVD) (Good English Subtitle)

Other Titles : You're Handsome, Minami Shineyo

Drama Information :

Casts : Jang Geun Suk (Beethoven Virus, Hong Gil Dong),
Park Shin Hye (Tree of Heaven, Stairway to Heaven, Bichunmoo),
Lee Hong Ki (On Air),
Jung Yong Hwa
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Good English Subtitle
Summary : Korea's newest idol band has arrived... on television! The ultra popular SBS idol drama You're Beautiful takes audiences behind the glitz and glamor of a fictional superstar pop band, following their backstage trials, dorm life, romantic drama, and unstoppable rise to fame. Heartthrob Jang Keun Suk (Beethoven Virus) stars as Hwang Tae Kyung, the bristly lead singer of top idol band A.N.JELL. FTIsland's Lee Hong Ki plays the band's cheerful British-Korean drummer Jeremy, while CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa vaulted to fame playing sensitive guitarist Kang Shin Woo. Starlet Park Shin Hye (Palace S) gender bends as Go Mi Nam, an aspiring nun who steps in for her twin brother to become the newest member of A.N.JELL! Crossing Tae Kyung with her bumbling ways, Mi Nam stirs up a parade of headaches as she tries to adjust to idol life and keep her identity a secret. But the real trouble begins when the other band members all fall for her!

The latest drama from the Hong Sisters, the hit-making screenwriters behind My Girl and Hong Gil Dong, You're Beautiful became a big sensation when it aired in late 2009. Though the drama pulled in only moderate viewership ratings, it attracted a very loyal following both in Korea and online. Mi Nam's angsty romantic triangle with arrogant cutie Tae Kyung and guardian angel Shin Woo, in particular, inspired Boys Over Flowers-level buzz and fandom. After School's UEE (Queen Seon Duk) also co-starred in the drama as a two-faced pop idol in love with Tae Kyung.

This Director's Cut Edition of You're Beautiful includes:

  • Disc 1: Episodes 1 & 2 + Interview with Director (27 min)
  • Disc 2: Episodes 3 & 4 + Interview with Jang Keun Suk (24 min)
  • Disc 3: Episodes 5 & 6 + Interview with Park Shin Hye (18 min)
  • Disc 4: Episodes 7 & 8 + Interview with Lee Hong Ki (17 min)
  • Disc 5: Episodes 9 & 10 + Interview with Jung Yong Hwa (15 min)
  • Disc 6: Episodes 11 & 12 + Commentary 1 (32 min)
  • Disc 7: Episodes 13 & 14 + Commentary 2 (25 min)
  • Disc 8: Episodes 15 & 16 + Commentary 3 (36 min)
  • Disc 9: Making Of (180 min)

    1. Hwang Tae Kyungís drowning incident
    2. Chase them! Minam courier service
    3. Please give me the radish!
    4. A phone date with the milk guy
    5. The long journey in finding Tae kyung
    6. Minamís generation
    7. Icecream and bike
    8. The fallen leavesí fairy tale of an autumnís day
    9. On the set of Minam TV
    10. Save Go Mi Nyu!
    11. Tae Kyungís piano serenade
    12. The lost hairpin
    13. Iíll finish the kiss scene quickly for you!
    14. Music video preview screening
    15. A.N.JELLís trip to the supermarket
    16. The heartpounding kissing scene between Tae Kyung and Minam
    17. Hyungnim, itís really ok
    18. My fingers are stuck together
    19. Shy Jeremyís photoshoot
    20. Barefooted Yooheyi
    21. The sea eel and pig rabbit song
    22. On the verge of collapsing
    23. The pasta made for Yooheyi
    24. No cut interview Ė Minam & Shinwoo
    25. The case of A.N.JELLís airport attack
    26. KISS
    27. The coffee I makeÖ
    28. The day the last scene was filmed

  • Disc 10: Music Videos (19 min), Parody Video (3 min), Character Footage (49 sec), Concert Video (34 min)
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