Loving You a Thousand Times (DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

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Other Titles : I Love You Ten Million Times, Terms of Happiness

Drama Information :

Casts : Lee So Kyung (Lawyers, Soulmate, Romantic Island, Wet Dreams 2),
Jung Gyu Woon (Hateful But Once Again, Women of the Sun, Bittersweet Life),
Ryu Jin (Rivals, Capital Scandal, Really Really Like You, Oh Pil Seung, Summer Scent),
Go Eun Mi (Guns and Talks, Descendants of Hong Gil Dong, Pure 19)
Genre : Romance, Melodrama
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : This is a weekend family drama that portrays three different families with their own struggles in life. Go Eun Nim (Lee Soo Kyung) lives with her biological dad, a stepmom, stepsister and a younger half-sister. Because of her dadís problem at work, she has to sacrifice herself for her dadís serious illness by accepting an offer to be a surrogate mother of a very wealthy chaebol family, Baek Sae Hunís family (Ryu Jin). His infertile wife, Lee Seon Young (Go Eun Mi) made promise to keep a secret from the rest of the family because she couldnít get pregnant after 6 years of marriage. Things get complicated when Eun Nim wants to keep the baby, and later on falls in love with Sae Hunís younger brother, whom her stepsister has a big crush on, Baek Kang Ho (Jung Gyu Woon).

Super Juniorís Kim Hee Chul plays a role of Lee Seon Youngís younger brother, Lee Chul. His character will have a storyline with Go Eun Nimís stepsister, Nan Jung (Park Soo Jin). Supporting casts are the great veteran, Ďevil-momí, actress Lee Hwi Hyang whom we know from her precious role that she has the ability to make you cringe everytime she comes up with an evil plan. Lee Hwi Hyang plays the role of Lee Seon Youngís EVIL mother-in-law who only thinks about her oldest sonís well-being, including an heir to carry on the Baek family name. She wonít take an infertile daughter-in-law without a fight, and therefore suggests her to go ahead with the surrogacy even without telling her own son, Sae Hun.

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