The Champion (VCD & DVD) (Perfect English Subtitle)

Drama Information :

Chinese Title : 任 我 遨 游
Casts : Qi Yu Wu,
Jeanette Aw,
Fiona Xie,
Felicia Chin,
Toro (Snow Angel, Member of Group Typhoon),
Yan Xing Shu (My MVP Valentine, Snow Angel, Frog Prince)
Audio : Mandarin Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle (Gramatically correct and accurate)
Summary : An idol drama about swimmers became hugely popular among Singaporean youngsters in late 2004. Apart from hot young stars from Singapore such as Fiona Xie, Jeanette Aw, Felicia Chin, and Qi Yuwu, The Champion also secures helping hands from two handsome Taiwanese boys: the basketball-player-turned-star Johnny Yan of 183 Club and handsome boy Toro from the popular group Typhoon. Filled with the dynamics radiated by a young and handsome cast, the up-and-coming ambience alone already provides TV fans a reason to watch The Champion.

Fiona Xie, Jeanette Aw, and Felicia Chin are members of the Flying Fish swimming team, but none have committed themselves to the team. They either skip the practices, or spend more time in quarrelling than swimming when they meet. Then comes the fiasco - only two girls show up at an athletic meet. New coach Zhenkang (Johnny Yan) decides to use strict rules and harsh training to improve the team's standards, but these are of course met with much resistance from the girls. Will any of the swimmers emerge as The Champion in the end?