Baker King, Kim Tak Goo (DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

Other Titles : Bread, Love and Dreams / King of Baking Kim Tak Goo

Drama Information :

Casts : Yoon Shi Yoon,
Eugene (Creating Destiny ,Really Really Like You, Wonderful Life, Save the Last Dance with You),
Joo Won,
Lee Young Ah (Iron Empress, Iljimae, Golden Bride, Wedding)
Genre : Romance
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary :
KBS drama Baker King, Kim Tak Goo (a.k.a. Bread, Love and Dreams) blew away the competition to become the highest-rated series of 2010. Set in 1970-80s Korea, the melodrama about family feuds, romantic rivalry, youthful dreams, and the pursuit of bread reached "national drama" status with viewership ratings of over 40%. High Kick Through the Roof's breakout star Yoon Si Yoon makes his leading man debut as the eponymous hero, a hot-blooded young man with a nose for baking and a propensity for trouble. Baker King, Kim Tak Goo co-stars Eugene, Lee Young Ah, acclaimed actor Chun Kwang Ryul, and newcomer Joo Won as Tak Goo's stepbrother and rival.

Kim Tak Goo (Yoon Si Yoon) did not have it easy growing up. The illegitimate son of baking industry legend Goo Il Jong (Chun Kwang Ryul), Tak Goo ran away from home as a child, and spent 12 years living off the streets, picking fights, and searching for his missing mother. His relentless search brings him to a bakery where he gets a fresh start, winning over hearts with his earnest personality and natural talent for baking. Tak Goo gradually crosses paths again with the people from his past, including his childhood sweetheart Yoo Kyung (Eugene) and jealous stepbrother Ma Joon (Joo Won), who is training at the same bakery and also in love with Yoo Kyung. Tak Goo just wants to bake bread, but Ma Joon is determined to beat him in and out of the kitchen. What's more, Tak Goo's father wants him to take over the family business, and his scheming stepmother (Jun In Hwa) will stop at nothing to get him out of the picture.

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