Air City (VCD & DVD) (Exclusive Perfect English Subtitle)

Drama Information :

Casts : Choi Ji Woo (Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven),
Lee Jung Jae (Over the Rainbow, il Mare, Last Present),
Lee Jin Wook (Smile Again, Alone in Love, Resurrection),
Moon Jung Hee (Alone in Love)
Audio : Korean Audio
Subtitle : Perfect English Subtitle
Summary : Han Do Kyung, specially scouted by the Incheon Airport Director, willingly accepted 1/3 of the pay she was receiving when working in Singapore to come back to Korea as the chief of operations of Incheon Airport. She speaks five different languages. However, Do Kyung lives with an uneven wound of her family and a regret of leaving her sister behind. She met Kim Ji Sung, a National Intelligence Service agent and gets entangle with him. Kim Ji Sung is very passionate about his work to the extend that he is willing to bend the rules to ensure the security of the country even if he is only acting on his instincts. After being stationed at the airport, he finds himself in an emotional turmoil with a woman he used to love who is also working in the airport. At the same time, he is falling for Han Do Kyung. Kang Ha Joon, a childhood friend of Han Do Kyung is also falling for Do Kyung. Kang Ha Joon is a quick tempered with a habit of talking aggresively due to his nature of work watching over thousands of surveilance cameras in the airport but has good relations with all the airport employees even the cleaners because of his kind personality outside of work. As his friendship develops with Do Kyung, he becomes a strong source of refuge for her. But as his feelings for her grows, his relationship gets more and more complicated with a woman who is his friend, superior at workplace and unrequited love.

Customer Reviews :
"This is really a good drama.  I must admit that Choi Ji Woo and Lee Jung Jae really have great chemistry.  I like the way they always smile at each other.  Indeed a very cute couple.  A must watch for all Choi Ji Woo Fans."

"I just finished watching this drama and I really enjoyed this one.  It was certainly different from most of the Kseries that we've come to love.  It wasn't perfect, nothing is perfect anyway, but it was definitely a refreshing change.  It had a good mix of action, comedy and drama.  The actors and actresses did a very good job."

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